It is always nice to work on something, so this page lists the projects I have been involved with.

Web applications

Due to my developer background I always find it exciting to build web applications that others might find useful. Plus it is always nice to work with new technologies and try to implement new features. Fill free to navigate around (I also provide the links to the services) and if you would like to know more about something do not hesitate to drop me an email.

Conferences In Tech is a technology conference listing service aimed to help attendees, speakers and conference organizers.

It is used to allow conference organizers and attendees to submit their conferences for others to find, but also help anyone looking to attend or speak at a technology conference around the world.

Rate My Hotel is a service for Hotels and the Hospitality Industry.

It is used to collect private and anonymous feedback during the checkout process. The goal is to help Hotels provide the best service possible.

A free online academic/research conference index that allows visitors to browse or search conferences.

This service allows for the submission of academic/research conferences by anonymous or registered users. Registered users can maintain a list of all conferences that they have registered, add Call For Papers and update the details of their conferences. A full text, similarity search is available for the visitors of the website as well as a Science and Location search. RSS feeds are available to subscribers in order to keep up to date with the latest conferences.

A search engine for properties to rent in Greece which is still in beta stage and covers the region of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Housefind is a meta-search engine that presents information from multiple websites with properties to rent. The information is displayed in a uniform format and the visitors are able to search based on multiple criteria. Properties for rent are linked back to the original websites for further details and contact information.

A website for online viewing of the core Linux Man Pages that offers full text search and graphical representation of related commands.

The related commands are described in GEXF format and the topological location of the nodes is calculated with the Python NetworkX library. Finally the sigma.js javascript library is used for creating the graph.

Translation of the TLDP Bash Guide for Beginners guide