f-Value: measuring an article’s scientific impact

Eleni Fragkiadaki, Georgios Evangelidis, Nikolaos Samaras, and Dimitris A. Dervos. 2011. f-Value: measuring an article’s scientific impact. Scientometrics 86, 3 (March 2011), 671-686.

DOI: doi:10.1007/s11192-010-0302-9


The f-value is a new indicator that measures the importance of a research article by taking into account all citations received, directly and indirectly, up to depth n. The f-value considers all information present in a Citation Graph in order to produce a ranking of the articles. Apart from the mathematical equation that calculates the f-value, we also present the corresponding algorithm with its implementation, plus an experimental comparison of f-value with two known indicators of an article’s scientific importance, namely, the number of citations and the Page Rank for citation analysis. Finally, we discuss the similarities and differences among the indicators.


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