Alternative to “Notes” for kde

I recently found an alternative to kde’s Desktop sticky notes which was most probably not made for that but none the less it does the trick and it allows you to have control of the location and storage of your notes.

You can use an editor and create a txt file that you will keep your notes in. The good thing is that since this is a file that you have created you can store it wherever you want on your local system and perhaps back it up as you would with every other file.  Then you can add a kde desktop widget called File watcher. As soon as you place your widget on your desktop it will only have a single button on it and clicking it will allow you to select the file you wish to “Watch” (check for changes or modifications). Here select your notes file by browsing to your directory.

After completing the steps described above you will have your notes displayed in the File watcher and whenever you update and save the file the widget will be updated automatically. If you wish to edit your file you don’t even have to browse to its location and edit it, you can simply right click on the widget and choose“Run the associated application” which will open your notes for editing. That’s it! Save and you are done…

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